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typeverything: - Northern Territory by No Entry Design.

typeverything: - Northern Territory by No Entry Design.

U.S. Freezes Putin's Netflix Account

This is amazing. Now we have him by the balls. 

If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.

—Mario Andretti (via observando)

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"That is why Nate Silver is so valuable."


Ben Thompson:

Nate Silver’s manifesto for his new site is 3500 words long, meaning it would take the average adult just under 12 minutes to read. That 12 minutes is then gone forever, a bit of attention taken from whatever other activity said reader would have otherwise consumed, and instead gave to Nate Silver. That is why Nate Silver is so valuable.

The implication of my news consumption being dominated by the tall skinny part of the power curve is that those who can regularly appear there – the best of the best – are going to win the zero sum game for my attention. And, for that, they will be justly rewarded.

What then, though, of the tens of thousands of journalists who formerly filled the middle of the bell curve? More broadly – and this is the central challenge to society presented by the Internet – what then of the millions of others who are perfectly average and thus, in an age where the best is only a click away, are simply not needed?

It’s a great point and question. The internet has made the “best” more accessible, so why would anyone settle for anything less?

Steampunks at Sea

So this is happening. 

James Lileks On Malls past, present, and future.

I had no idea that Sbarros and now Quiznos are both in bankruptcy. Great read, starts with a bang: 

Sbarro’s Pizza filed for extra-bad super bankruptcy, citing a precipitous downturn in mall traffic. Could be. Or it could be that people, over the course of the years, came to reject something that tasted like red paint smeared over wet newspapers and topped with orange glue. If they’d made the most spectacular pizza in the world, I’d drive to the mall just for a slice